Kurt Verdonk readies his team. Photos by Aaron Kirby.
Kwinana celebrate their first wicket.
Verdonk goes close.
Bevan takes the high ball to claim wicket number two.

Bevan takes the high ball to claim wicket number two.
12th man Rhys Carr is kept busy as Riverton-Rostrata fall to 7-18.
Matt Rose takes a screamer at gully.
Brett “Sledge” Kearney contemplates day two.
Dylan Hinchliffe and Daniel Bell walk to the middle.
Bell plays a drive past point.
Bell lofts a drive on his way to 42.
Kwinana sing the club song.
(Left to Right) Back: Brett Kearney, Aiden McCartan (WK), Matt Rose, Andrew Gibbs, Dylan Hinchliffe, Matthew Parnham, Bevan Kearney
Front: Rhys Carr, Daniel Bell, Kurt Verdonk (c), Thomas Moore, Josh Atkinson
Daniel Bell and Josh Atkinson.
Bevan and Brett Kearney
Andrew Gibbs, Dylan Hinchliffe, and Matt Parnham
Bell, Gibbs, Hinchliffe, Parnham, and Bevan Kearney.
Brett Kearney, Matt Rose, Josh Atkinson, Matthew Parnham, and Kurt Verdonk.
Parnham, Rhys Carr, Aiden McCartan, and Rose.
Atkinson, Hinchliffe, Parnham, Carr, McCartan, and Rose.
Thomas Moore and Andrew Gibbs.
Atkinson, Moore, Gibbs, and Verdonk.
Atkinson and Verdonk.
The players celebrate with their families.
Moore, Bell, Gibbs, and Stephan Moore
Moore and Bell.
Bevan Kearney, Merv Kearney, and Brett Kearney.
Rhys Carr.
The final scorecards.